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"A small efficient staff structure rather than a huge, cumbersome one”
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Abda Y. El-Mahdi
Managing Director
Abda Y. El-Mahdi

MS. ABDA YAHIA EL-MAHDI is currently Managing Director of an independent economic consultancy firm based in Khartoum, Sudan. Prior to this, she served for two years (2002- 2004) in the Government of the Republic of Sudan as State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. In her capacity as State Minister she was responsible for international financial relations which entailed, among others, overseeing the implementation of Sudan’s Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program that is being monitored by the International Monetary Fund. Her responsibilities also included re-engagement with international and regional financial organizations. Negotiations of grants, loans and capacity building assistance from these multilateral organizations as well as other regional funds were her main pre-occupation.

Ms. El-Mahdi’s portfolio also included dealing with Sudan’s external debt problem and she actively campaigned for Sudan’s access to the Enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative. Ms. El-Mahdi was also leader of the National Economic Cluster in the Joint Assessment Mission (JAM), set up jointly by the WB and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), to assess Sudan’s post-conflict needs. During her term in Office, she set up the Poverty Reduction Unit within the Ministry of Finance and National Economy and was responsible for overseeing the first draft of the country’s Interim Poverty Eradication Strategy.

Prior to joining the Government, Ms. El-Mahdi worked as a consultant to the Economic Research Forum for Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey (ERF) based in Cairo, Egypt. During her term at ERF, she was responsible for the Forum’s program on Labor and Human Resource Development. Ms. El-Mahdi also worked at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, USA where she was Technical Assistant to the Executive Director for Africa I constituency.

Ms. El-Mahdi holds an M.Sc. Degree in Economics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. She is currently a Senior Associate of the Economic Research Forum in Egypt and serves on the Board of Directors of the Future Trends Foundation for Strategic Studies and Dialogue and in the Board of Trustees of the Haggar Foundation in Sudan. Ms. El-Mahdi is also a member of the Advisory Panel for Eminent Women of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as well as in the Advisory Panel of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Development.

Contact information for Ms. El-Mahdi:
Phone: +249 183 590 631/2 (R)
Fax: +249 183 590 629 (W)
Email: abda@unicons.org

Projects Officer Phone: +249 183 590 631/2 (R)
Fax: +249 183 590 629 (W)
Howida Abuali
Office Manager

Howida Abuali received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Nilein in 2006. She has an impressive record in office management. Howida joined UNICONS as an Office Manager in 2008.

  • B.A. in Economics, University of Nilein

Contact information for Ms. Abuali:
Phone: +249 183 590 631/2 (R)
Fax: +249 183 590 629 (W)
Email: info@unicons.org

Hanan Abdallah

Hanan Abdallah received her B.A. in Accounting from the University of Sudan in 2005. She joined UNICONS as an Accountant in 2008.

  • B.A. in Accounting , University of Sudan
  • Current Cost accounting (CCA) certificate

Contact information for Ms. Abdullah:
Phone: +249 183 590 631/2 (R)
Fax: +249 183 590 629 (W)