About Unicons

UNICONS is an independent, Sudanese company, offering a comprehensive range of economic consultancy services to industry, private sector, and government as well as regional/international development agencies. Clients benefit from the excellent conceptual and methodological skills UNICONS applies to all projects. Since its establishment in May 2005, UNICONS has acquired a prestigious position in consultancy services in the fields of Microfinance, public financial management, policy analysis and regulatory review as well as business planning. The firm has developed a reputation for addressing complex issues with thorough research and objective analysis, leading to reliable conclusions and thoughtful recommendations.

Our  Approach

UNICONS functions by creating a team of specialists from among its affiliates based on the expertise needed for each project. UNICONS’ affiliates - an exceptional cadre of specialists ranging from economists, finance specialists, development practitioners, social scientists and lawyers with national and international expertise - are carefully selected for their extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Sudanese economy and society. While most of the firm’s services are performed by Sudanese nationals, UNICONS has strong partnerships with local, international and regional development and financial expertise to ensure the integration of world-wide best practice in its work.

UNICONS consultants/affiliates use economic logic and experience to formulate strategies, studies, reports and policy recommendations that serve its clients in fulfilling their developmental goals. In-depth economic analysis combined with a deep understanding of real country institutions and constraints serve to provide the requisite guidance needed to increase the productivity and likelihood of success of its clients’ projects.

UNICONS is uniquely positioned to create linkages between the government, business community and Sudan’s development partners. Through practical experience in government, the firm’s management has developed both extensive knowledge of and connections with government institutions and their officials. Its unique vantage point coupled with its knowledge of international and regional financial/development institutions’ requirements, allows it to serve as the ideal entry point for its clients. Being an independent firm, UNICONS has the capacity to apply critical analysis to the economic and strategic issues that confront industry and government. While economics is at the core of its analytical approach, it applies a multidisciplinary framework that combines insights from the social sciences, statistics, and the latest scientific and technological developments.