In collaboration with Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG), Unicons set out to identify and build consensus on how to create an informed debate and process through which to develop recommendations for policy and institutional reforms in Sudan. The main goal being to formulate a comprehensive economic reform program supported by the majority of the political and civil society groups. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To contribute in the strategic vision of the institutional and policy reform in Sudan.

  • To analyze the current gaps in fields of agriculture, industry, infrastructure, fiscal federalism, civil service, the regulatory system and provide recommendations about the reform needed in these fields.

  • Based on researches and experts input to engage with civil society and political groups to reach consensus about the road map for the economic sector reform.

 The first activity in this project was a consultative roundtable meeting held on 10th January, 2015 at the Grand Holiday Villa in Khartoum. The meeting brought together twenty five Sudanese economic experts who were carefully selected from civil society, political parties, private sector and academia. Deliberations of this select group continued for a whole day and the outcome included specific recommendations highlighting the major areas of economic reform.

The meeting also indentified six key sectors within the Sudanese economy upon which specialized and informed debate is needed for the formation of a consensus on the necessary reforms. The areas for further deliberations were specified to be: agriculture, industry, Fiscal Federalism, civil service, the regulatory system and education. UNICONS was mandated to commission professional research papers on reforms in each of the afore-mentioned sectors. Each paper was then discussed in specialized consultative workshops organized by UNICONS. The papers and workshop summaries can be found below or you may download them from UNICONS website under ‘Publications’