The study which was commissioned by the Japanese Embassy in Sudan was prepared in the English language. The study provides an analysis of the following topics:

  • Why bother about reform?

  • The Structure of the Taxation System in Sudan (Direct and Indirect taxes)

  • Reform of Direct Taxes: Analysis of the current status from the perspective of reforms to policies and procedures during the period 2011 to mid-2014.

  • Reform of the Indirect Tax System: The Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Tax Regulations Reform:

  • Implementation of Tax Reforms

  • Administration & Organization of Taxation

  • Customs Reform

The study concluded with recommendations for reform of the Tax System in Sudan.

 In undertaking the assignment, Unicons chose from its database of consultants the most qualified person to prepare the study. In doing so, Dr. Abdelgadir, former head of Sudan’s Tax Chamber was chosen and he prepared the draft based on a carefully designed Terms of Reference. The draft study was reviewed by Unicons management for comprehensiveness and quality control.