Financial Development and Regulation

Deepening the process of financial intermediation, developing efficient financial and capital markets, and improving linkages between informal and formal financial markets are core components of financial sector reform for which UNICONS is equipped to provide consultancy.

UNICONS projects in this area focus on the development, expansion and deepening of the financial sector in Sudan at both the macro- and micro-levels.

At the macro-level, UNICONS conducts financial performance assessment of financial intermediaries, examines issues of corporate governance, financial management and analysis of risk management including liquidity risk, credit exposure, capital adequacy and market and exchange rate risk. In all its projects, UNICONS places a heavy emphasis on how best to modernize and exploit information and communications technology.

UNICONS also arranges and coordinates financing for projects and programs from national as well as regional financing institutions. We evaluate financing packages in order to provide the client with the best financing terms whether in the context of an Islamic Sharia framework or a conventional one.