Poverty, Human Resource Development & Gender Issues

UNICONS is committed to contribute toward economic policies and programs that ensure that economic growth is broad based and inclusive of all sectors of the economy and all segments of the population.

UNICONS economists have had a strong presence in previous efforts for the formulation of the Sudan Poverty Eradication Strategy. With its experience and strong socio-economic orientation, UNICONS can usefully support government and local, regional and international development agencies on pro-poor economic policy formulation and national development planning.

UNICONS has the capacity to provide practical and comprehensive research on the adequacy, equity and efficiency goals of public spending on basic social services and human development programs, help build capacities and create awareness for successful implementation of poverty reduction efforts.

Gender concerns are an integral part of all UNICONS work. The firm strongly advocates gender empowerment in all its projects because of the important role that the large, female segment of the population in the Sudan can play in accelerating development and reducing poverty.