Privatization and Investment Assessment

The field of privatization is an important one in Sudan and UNICONS is well positioned to play a critical strategic role. Our practice revolves around two core areas: (i) consulting for government in all areas related to the privatization decision process; and (ii) advising private sector clients on the privatization process. In advising government, we:

  • Provide objective and meticulous evaluation of target companies in terms of profitability, productivity and overall efficiency;
  • Advise on the necessary regulatory framework to ensure transparency in the privatization process for the benefit of all parties; and
  • Provide a complete analysis, at both the macro and micro levels, of the economic and social impact of privatizing targeted public entities

UNICONS advises the private sector by providing complete economic and financial analyses on companies and institutions to be privatized to ensure a fuller understanding of the potential rewards and risks of such investments.

In its Investment Assessment area, UNICONS draws on the expertise of its consultants to provide the client with comprehensive feasibility studies and investment climate assessments in the areas impacting the investment decision such as government services and regulations, infrastructure capabilities and market synergies.