Public Policy and Institutional Design

The Sudanese economy enjoyed a stable macro economy and accelerated GDP growth since the discovery and export of oil in 2000. However, the Sudanese economy became increasingly oil-dependent and the fragility of hard won economic stability and growth surfaced with the financial crisis in 2009 and further deepened with secession of South Sudan in 2011. Challenges are further hardened by the internal requirements of peaceful co-existence. These challenges are addressed by UNICONS with a focus on:

  • Fiscal and Monetary Policies for macroeconomic stability and socio-economic development
  • Public Finance Management & Reform
  • Fiscal Federalism and the Distribution of the Nation’s Wealth
  • Debt management and restructuring
  • Institutional reforms, restructuring and capacity building
  • Sectoral studies, reforms and investment planning

UNICONS is able to advise government, regulators and other public entities on how best to achieve efficiency and financial improvements in these areas. Its consultants perform economic impact analyses and evaluate proposed government interventions to support policy makers in their decision making process.